Author Antoinette Slabbert


What Eskom workers are really paid

The country is facing load shedding due to the disruption of Eskom operations by striking Eskom employees. The management of the utility, which is at risk of losing its going concern status, earlier announced there


Eskom heads to court to demand higher tariffs

Eskom chairman Jabu Mabuza was almost apologetic on Thursday when he told journalists that the utility is proceeding with a court review of energy regulator Nersa’s decision to grant it a mere 5.23% tariff


Nersa to back down on rooftop solar rules

Energy regulator Nersa will soon withdraw proposed rules that would have required private owners of rooftop solar panels and standby generators to register these installations with it. It might, however, return at


Eskom must stop overspending, regulator says

Energy regulator Nersa on Friday announced that it granted Eskom little more than a quarter of the 19.9% tariff increase it applied for, for 2018/2019, and in fact slashed its revenue to considerably less than it


Tshwane wins smart metering contract fight

The high court in Pretoria on Friday declared all the City of Tshwane’s agreements with PEU Capital Partners and its implementing agent TUMS constitutionally invalid. The court further ordered that R950m


Hearings to start as Eskom seeks huge tariff hike

Energy regulator Nersa on Thursday opened the consultation process for Eskom’s application for an average tariff increase of 19.9% by publishing the application on its website. If approved, the increase would apply to Eskom’s direct


Jo’burg speed cameras offline

An intervention by the Democratic Alliance administration in Johannesburg to clean up contracts with service providers has brought the electronic enforcement of speed limits to a halt and seriously affected law enforcement

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