Author: Craig Wilson

Cape Town-based start-up Snapdisk is a cloud backup and syncing service of the sort made popular by Dropbox and Where it differs, though, is the scale of its offering and the fact that it’s offering its basic package of 500GB of online backup space for free for a year. The service went live at the beginning of February and, although most

Anecdotal evidence suggests there’s been huge growth in the SA technology start-up space in the past year, most of it coming from the Western Cape. It appears the stars are aligning for local tech entrepreneurs: bandwidth is getting cheaper, investor numbers are growing and SA is being seen as an important entry point into Africa

Signs are good that SA will defeat Australia in the bid to host the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope project. This comes after Australia lodged five complaints with the SKA Organisation — a body comprising the member countries of the project — and the Australian press reported the findings of a confidential report

He says government needs to move faster on issuing access to new radio frequency spectrum and ensure it goes to those best suited to use it. He says Cell C’s size makes it more agile than its competitors in a market that is going to become marked by low margins from, and high quantities of, data consumption. Knott-Craig is set

So, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has decided to reject TopTV parent company On Demand Media’s request for permission to air three “adult” channels on its satellite pay-TV platform. In doing so, the regulator hasn’t only overstepped the mark in terms of the degree to which it should be able to interfere