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SABC ‘concern’ over Mthembu briefing

Jackson Mthembu (image: YouTube)

Jackson Mthembu (image: YouTube)

The SABC on Tuesday evening reacted to a media briefing by ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu saying it was “concerned” by some of the things Mthembu said.

In a statement by SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago, the public broadcaster said that the SABC never said that it was policy not to show violent protests.

“The SABC is, however, particularly concerned that some utterances made are misleading as at no point did the SABC say the decision not to broadcast the destruction of public property during the violent protests is a policy position,” Kganyago said.

According to the SABC, the decision was an editorial one and not a change in policy. Kganyago added that the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s code of conduct played a role in the decision — specifically the commission’s clause regarding violence and hate speech.

“The decision in this context [makes it]clear that what the code seeks to do is encourage broadcasters not to glamourise violence and/or broadcast material that will encourage violence,” Kganyago said.

“The editorial decision by the SABC then seems rational if judged in this context. It should be noted that the decision is not to censor any violent protests [but to]not glamourise the act of burning public property. The aftermath of the burnt property will however be shown.”

The SABC hit out at the media and public for saying that their editorial policies are illegal, saying that all the processes required by the law are being followed and that stakeholders have also been consulted.

“We have records of several civil society organisations and political parties that attended these consultation sessions. It is appalling that they have mysteriously and conveniently developed amnesia.”

Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng

With regards to suggestions by some that the board and management at the organisation are not adequately qualified, Kganyago responded by saying the leadership at the SABC have all the required skills.

The chairman of the SABC board, Mbulaheni Maguvhe said that chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng should not be seen as the only person making decisions.

“It is unfortunate that the statement made by the chairperson of the subcommittee on communications of the ANC, Mr Jackson Mthembu has resulted into a personal attack that suggests that Mr Motsoeneng makes all decisions alone,” Maghuve said.

“The public must be reminded of all the good achievements including the recent introduction of prioritising local content in all our platforms and many other measures to ensure that the SABC is financially sustainable.”

According to Maghuve, the strategies by Motsoeneng and his team have worked for the SABC and political parties simply want to derail the SABC’s mandate.

“We need to reiterate that we will not make any decisions that are aimed at censoring the news.”



  1. Too Late AnRkey, they are splintering as all the Afro ‘struggle’ so-called movements do 15 to 20 years after Uhuru.
    The tax pie is getting smaller now that we are well into global Great Depression v2.1 and the jockeying for the few remaining First Class coaches on the tax coffers Gravy Train Express becomes more open, agressive and desperate.
    I personally doubt that the ANC can hold it together till 3-8-2016 as the Zanupf/Zuma faction attempts to rule by diktat over the slightly more adult or educated members of the ANC.

    We are living in interesting times, this SABC vs ANC ‘misunderstanding’ is merely a playground scrap compared to what is looming ahead of us.

  2. Teresa Williams on

    This man’s eyes are always red. Is he permanently high during office hours?

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