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The FTTH Council Africa, an industry body for the fibre telecommunications industry, said on Wednesday that it has appointed a new chairman. Industry stalwart Andile Ngcaba will replace Richard Came as president of the body. Ngcaba was

The uptake of fibre to the home in Johannesburg is proof that the days of 4Mbit/s ADSL connections are numbered. Telkom, which had rolled out fibre to 38 000 households by August last year, has committed to raising that number to 500 000 by December 2016 and to a million homes by

Criminals, possibly from within the industry, have begun targeting fibre broadband companies deploying infrastructure in South Africa. FTTH Council Africa president Richard Came said there has been a spate of armed hijackings targeting local fibre broadband installers, with the

Investors in fibre telecommunications infrastructure should not expect the sort of returns that South Africa’s big operators have come to enjoy. Instead, they should be satisfied with the returns traditionally enjoyed by providers of

Dimension Data Middle East and Africa chairman Andile Ngcaba has called on communications regulator Icasa and government to ensure that high-demand spectrum in the so-called “digital dividend” bands and at 2,6GHz are

News that Parkhurst residents have embarked on a project to deliver high-speed fibre access to homes and businesses in their neighbourhood represents a watershed moment that could lead to a broader roll-out of fibre to the home (FTTH) in South Africa. In areas like Parkhurst in Johannesburg, where housing is fairly dense by South

The City of Tshwane in Pretoria has launched a website offering an automated wayleave system for telecommunications operators wanting to lay fibre-optic infrastructure in the city. A wayleave is permission to use someone else’s property to deploy infrastructure

Richard Came, president of the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Africa, has lamented the problems that have beset the department of communications (DOC) for the past decade, saying the repeated shuffling of communications ministers has had a significant impact on South

Crime is threatening to tear apart South Africa’s fledgling fibre-optic telecommunications industry as naked corruption by local government officials, deliberate damage to infrastructure by criminal syndicates and repeated threats of physical violence force sector players to stop building networks in parts of the country that desperately need

Serial entrepreneur and Dimension Data cofounder Richard Came is warm and welcoming when he greets me at his hilltop home in Johannesburg’s leafy suburb of Houghton. With a panoramic view of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, the elegant and enormous house is an apt reminder of the business successes