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Communications minister Roy Padayachie has finally moved to fill the vacant director-generalship at the department of communications. He has appointed Rosey Sekese as DG for five years, with effect from 1 June

Newly appointed communications minister Roy Padayachie wants to foster an “effective partnership with the private sector” and create a “new spirit of working together” to address the challenges facing the industry.

The Southern African broadcasting industry will have to wait another month to hear which standard will be used in the migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television. A task team, which was expected to report back to the Southern African Development

Axed communications department director-general Mamodupi Mohlala has hit back at remarks made by her replacement, Harold Wesso, who alleged in parliament on Tuesday that he had inherited a “sinking ship”. Wesso, who has been installed as acting director-general until a permanent replacement can be found, reportedly told parliamentarians that staff morale at the department had collapsed.