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Keeping your Uber driver waiting? Then pay up

If you keep your Uber driver waiting, you’ll now have to cough up for the privilege. Uber South Africa said on Monday that it is introducing a feature called “paid wait time”, meant to maximise productivity for


SA legal-tech company Libryo to go global

Libryo, a Cape Town- and London-based legal-tech start-up, has secured US$1m in seed funding, and has plans to expand its business and product into new global markets. Libryo, which was co-founded in 2016


Eskom must sign renewables deals by October

Eskom will sign delayed power-purchase agreements with independent producers by the end of October, but not before pricing on the deals is renegotiated, energy minister Mmamoloko Kubayi said. The


SA not ready for electric cars

The smooth and silent experience that comes with driving an electric vehicle is quite contrary to the progress South Africa has made in effectively implementing appropriate infrastructure to support vehicle


Open data: what SA cities can learn from New York

A city is its people and the outcomes of the decisions and actions they can and do take individually or as groups. These outcomes, decisions and actions can be measured and captured. What would it require to take this data that makes


TV encryption: Muthambi wins concourt battle

Former communications minister Faith Muthambi has won a constitutional court battle against over encryption in the set-top boxes for digital terrestrial television. The minister, who was shifted out of the portfolio

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