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BlackBerry’s recovery hits a speed wobble

BlackBerry fell the most in almost two-and-a-half years after its quarterly earnings report showed surprisingly weak revenue from software, marring what was otherwise shaping up to be a banner year. The Canadian company

BlackBerry opens tech to developers

BlackBerry is opening up some of its secure messaging and file sharing technology for developers to use in building apps, creating a new revenue stream for the company as it works to boost sales. The Waterloo, Ontario-based company

BlackBerry’s making real money again

BlackBerry boosted its fiscal 2017 earnings outlook and posted a profit in the third quarter, showing the company’s bet on moving more into software and completely away from handsets is paying off. Fiscal third-quarter earnings

BlackBerry to focus on self-driving cars

BlackBerry and the Canadian government are opening a research centre for self-driving cars that raises the possibility of government backing for the former smartphone maker’s automotive software unit. Chief CEO John Chen and

BlackBerry bets the farm on security

BlackBerry has rebranded the software products it acquired over the last three years, tying them together into a single system it hopes will be the go-to platform companies and governments use to protect their electronic devices

One last dance for BlackBerry’s keyboard

BlackBerry has officially stopped making its own phones, but the company has one last treat for die-hard fans: a new phone sporting its trademark physical keyboard. CEO John Chen had hinted at the phone in

BlackBerry unveils its final phone

BlackBerry showed off the last phone it will market itself before completely outsourcing design, production and distribution to partners: a 5,5-inch touchscreen device that rivals the size of the iPhone 7 Plus and

There’s life for BlackBerry after smartphones

It’s official. BlackBerry, the Canadian company that invented the smartphone and addicted legions of road warriors to the “CrackBerry”, has stopped making its iconic handsets. Finally conceding defeat in a battle lost long ago to Apple

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