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Swedes drop Julian Assange rape case

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange moved closer to freedom Friday after Swedish prosecutors moved to drop a rape investigation against him, leaving the door open for him to emerge from his self-imposed exile in a London embassy

WikiLeaks to help tech giants plug holes

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, said the group will work with technology companies to close gaps identified in thousands of Central Intelligence Agency documents it published this week as well as in additional material it

Chelsea Manning to be released from jail

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday commuted the 35-year sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former army intelligence analyst who was convicted of leaking classified material, and pardoned marine-general James Cartwright. Manning, who

How Assange became an enemy of the truth

You almost have to feel sorry for Julian Assange. Shut in at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London without access to sunlight, the founder of WikiLeaks is reduced to self-parody these days. Here is a man dedicated to radical

Julian Assange cut off from the Internet

Ecuador has cut off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s Internet access within the South American country’s London embassy, WikiLeaks said in a statement on its website Monday. “We can confirm Ecuador cut Assange’s Internet

Time to resolve the Julian Assange standoff

The United Nations’ working group on arbitrary detention has decided that Julian Assange is being “arbitrarily held” by a concert of powers — so how might this curious situation play out? The working group finds that Assange is not only entitled

What’s next for Julian Assange

A United Nations panel has found that Sweden and the UK have arbitrarily detained WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange contrary to their obligations under human rights treaties. The panel called on the two governments to ensure Assange’s rights are respected and to compensate him

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Why Julian Assange thinks Google is evil

Since the last time we were together inside his prison lodgings at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a few things have changed. Julian Assange has grown a beard, looks more pallid and pauses when I ask after his general health. His legal team are

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