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Juliana Rotich co-founded Ushahidi, a Kenyan-based nonprofit tech company, in 2008 with the aim of using technology to map reports of violence in the wake of Kenya’s closely contested December 2007 general election. Today, Ushahidi continues to create open-source software

Kickstarter project BRCK, the brainchild of Kenyan nonprofit technology outfit Ushahidi, hopes to raise $125 000 to build a communications device that connects users to the Internet using any means possible, even when the power is out. And it’s well on its way to achieving its first objective. In little more

A new Kickstarter project from a team of Kenyans wanting to build a piece of communications hardware called BRCK has attracted more than 160 backers in its first two days, with funders contributing more than US$22 000 towards a goal of $125 000. BRCK is the brainchild