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By finally publishing regulations on the use of television white spaces, communications regulator Icasa has paved the way for two significant turning points in the country’s roll-out of Internet access to its citizens

Global standards bodies are the crucible in which our networking future is forged. It is the well from which our connectivity springs. It may look like a crowd of middle-aged bearded and bespectacled men warming the seats of hotel conference rooms, but

Imagine the horror. Waves of denial, smashing against the rocks of inevitability. Your brand new, US$9 000 radio controlled aeroplane has just flown over that far clump of trees, heading for the

Open-access networks. Giving a little, to get a lot – in the long run. Various models are already used, at least in principle, in the recent South African home fibre roll-outs. Now how about open-access wireless networks? Why don’t we share more for the greater good (and better

Anyone who flies into Johannesburg in the early mornings during winter will be familiar with the atmospheric inversion layer, where air near the ground is cooled by the unheated swimming pools of the struggling middle classes. The cool air traps pollutants beneath warmer layers

It is a period of international tensions. Guglielmo Marconi, working from an increasingly cash-rich company, had won his first victory against his competitive nemesis, the Slaby-Arco radio equipment company. During this pissing match