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The National Prosecuting Authority said it’s pursuing 16 charges against former President Jacob Zuma including graft and racketeering that were shelved nine years ago amid allegations of political interference

A political firestorm over an aborted attempt to charge finance minister Pravin Gordhan with fraud has ignited a power struggle between the head of a special police unit that carried out the investigation and the

South African prosecutors withdrew fraud charges against finance minister Pravin Gordhan, saying he didn’t intend to act unlawfully. The announcement on Monday by National Prosecuting Authority head Shaun Abrahams marked

The showdown between President Jacob Zuma and finance minister Pravin Gordhan over control of the nation’s finances appears to be reaching its endgame, after prosecutors summoned the minister to appear in court next month

The National Prosecuting Authority will seek leave to appeal a court ruling that corruption charges must be reinstated against President Jacob Zuma. “I believe it needs the decision of an appeal court,” national director of public prosecutions Shaun

South Africa cannot afford the consequences of the ANC’s internal fight between President Jacob Zuma and finance minister Pravin Gordhan, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said on Monday. “When 8,9m South Africans are jobless and