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Treasury won’t break law on welfare deal: ANC

National treasury will not act illegally and approve a new welfare distribution deal with Net1 UEPS Technologies unless it has been sanctioned by the country’s constitutional court, the spokesman for the country’s ruling party said

ANC again calls for media tribunal

The ANC is calling on parliament to accelerate the implementation of the resolution for the establishment of a media appeals tribunal following the suspension of The Citizen editor Steve Motale, it said in a statement. “It is starkly clear that the people

ANC tells SABC to respect court ruling

The SABC must act in line with a commitment President Jacob Zuma made to the judiciary that government departments and state institutions will not ignore court rulings, according to the ANC. The comments by the party’s

Is anyone actually running South Africa?

It’s hard to know who’s leading South Africa. Last week, the presidency repudiated the mines minister when he caused a storm of protest from business leaders by saying the cabinet authorised a judicial

ANC won’t comment on SABC axings

The ANC has refused to comment on Tuesday on the axing of eight SABC journalists. When asked to comment on the shocking revelation that the SABC had fired its employees for “disrespecting

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ANC says UK plotting to unseat Zuma

Reports that Britain’s defence ministry is making plans to keep the ANC in power are merely an attempt to distract South Africans from its real plan to unseat President Jacob Zuma, the party said on Monday. “We know they want to divert

ANC applauds SABC over 90% local music

The ANC on Wednesday welcomed the decision of the SABC to play 90% local music on their stations from Thursday. ANC national spokesman Zizi Kodwa said the party welcomed the “radical decision” the 18 SABC radio channels

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ANC lays treason charges against Malema

The ANC has officially opened a case of treason against Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema, it said on Monday. “The ANC has just opened a case of high treason against EFF and its leader Julius Malema in his personal capacity