Author: Lynley Donnelly

The months of disarray at the South African Post Office (Sapo) has prompted a group of specialist magazine publishers to complain to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) over what they see as a breach of the Post Office’s licence conditions. In addition, in a bid to protect their business plan

The meeting, which was tightly packed into the eighth-floor boardroom of Hosken Consolidated Investments, left some minority shareholders unhappy over certain corporate governance issues and with lingering questions over

Speaking in parliament recently, trade & industry minister Rob Davies complained that “developmental credit”, the kind used to start or sustain a small business, for example, “hardly features” in South Africa. Instead, in the wake of African Bank’s collapse, the focus has been on the evils

Eskom warned that load shedding may worsen this winter as the power utility battles with electricity outages caused by problems with its ageing infrastructure. Speaking at a joint meeting of parliament’s portfolio committees on energy and public enterprises

The money Eskom is hoping to claw back from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa), in an effort to plug its revenue shortfalls, could potentially mean as much as a 9% increase in electricity tariffs if it is approved. But the regulator has warned that any increase would be carefully weighed

Although Eskom turned a R7bn profit according to its results released on Friday, the state-owned entity has warned this will not be sufficient to plug the R225bn revenue shortfall it faces over the next five years. The country, in the meantime, faces continued power constraints as the first unit of new power

South Africans have been doing it for generations. Social lending, familiar to many in the form of groups like stokvels, has been a hallmark of how many people make do, outside of formal financial networks. Thanks to the Web however, social lending, also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, has begun to take off in developed countries

No one is really sure who created it. Financial regulators, including our own Reserve Bank, do not like it. But its proponents believe it could revolutionise international monetary and payment systems, in the same way the Internet changed how the world communicates. It is Bitcoin, the virtual or crypto-currency that has gripped the imaginations of technophiles and

Three short years at the helm. This is all it took for outgoing CEO Brian Dames to bring his decades-long career at national power utility Eskom to a close. Dames, who was appointed as CEO in 2010, and his erstwhile finance director Paul O’Flaherty, appointed in 2009, were the men brought

The gap left by Eskom’s erstwhile finance director and head of capital projects, Paul O’Flaherty, looms large as the utility struggles over delays at its Medupi power station amid massive power constraints on the country. Despite his resignation, which was only officially announced in November but