Author: Reshaad Sha

The rise of the Internet of things and other mobile technologies offers humanity the opportunity to advance efforts in preserving and saving the environment in more innovative and relevant ways. We are living

The Internet of things (IoT) is counted among emerging technologies that promise to transform the South African market. While the opportunity for IoT is young in South Africa, its potential influence is far-reaching. For example, in the mining industry

Machine learning is going to alter our world fundamentally for the better, improving healthcare and the manufacturing industry, and assisting in the prediction of supply and demand levels across a range of industries. For those who are into science-fiction

Along with the rest of the world, South Africa is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, in which the smart use of information and technology is reshaping societies. One of the most apparent ways in which this is happening can be seen is in the growth

Smart cities are quickly becoming a critical necessity due to the confluence of urbanisation, greater pressure on the successful management of a city due to a rising population, and climate change