Author Sipho Kings


Nuclear fixation shafts renewables

Within two years, South Africa could have a further 1,2GW of renewable energy entering the grid. The bidders have been selected and the companies are waiting for financial sign-off so they can start building. But policy uncertainty and a new focus on nuclear energy are responsible for a nearly 18-month


Too much hot air in renewables talk

Normally futurologists, especially those who deal with the impact of climate change, paint a picture so dystopian that even Hollywood runs screaming for the hills. But at last week’s four-day climate change conference, hosted by the department of environmental affairs in Midrand, it was different


Hello darkness, my old friend

What did South Africans use before candles? Electricity. In the beginning, God separated darkness and light and said they would be called night and day. Eskom created lasting darkness and called it load shedding. These were just two of the jokes


Writing on the wall for print media

Six hundred media workers lost their jobs in South Africa in the past 12 months. Those remaining are working at organisations that are struggling to survive in a world where print is losing circulation and online earnings are not filling the