Braintree’s Grant van der Westhuizen and Heath Huxtable tell TechCentral’s TCS+ business technology show about how to acquire software that solves present and future business needs.

    This might sound simple, but software purchases are complex and expensive. For companies to get their money’s worth, properly diagnosing the problem a new piece of software ought to solve and ensuring that the solution is futureproof are key to extracting the most value from a purchase.

    In this episode of TCS+, Huxtable – MD at Braintree – and Van der Westhuizen, the company’s business applications sales manager, tell TCS+ about important considerations companies should take into account when looking to solve business problems through software.

    Huxtable and van der Westhuizen delve into:

    • How customers don’t really know what they want because they tend to hyperfocus on solving pain points instead of looking at the bigger picture;
    • Balancing short-term vs long-term thinking in purchasing decisions;
    • The importance of unlocking value versus thinking of software as a grudge purchase;
    • The flexibility provided by the Microsoft suite of business applications;
    • How to balance personalised solutions with maintaining a consolidated view in a multi-faceted business; and
    • How to deal with resistance from employees in implementation projects, especially where artificial intelligence is involved.

    Huxtable and Van der Westhuizen are passionate about using software to drive value creation in business, and their energy comes through vividly in this interview. Don’t miss the discussion!

    Listen to this episode of TCS+

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