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Social media has evolved at breakneck speed over the past three years, and many marketers are battling to keep up with it. Today, social media isn’t just an experiment, but a fast-maturing sales, marketing and customer support channel. This implies that organisations should no longer imagine that

Most publishers are struggling to monetise their online operations in a world where advertising revenues are under pressure and audiences remain reluctant to pay for content. Their biggest hope of making money lies in unlocking the value of the reams of data they collect about their audience

Publishers used to be the ones in the online space that controlled and understood data, perhaps the most important commodity they have to sell to their advertisers. This is no longer the case, a change which has profound implications for publishers as they try to

Many marketers are obsessed with the content of their campaigns and their websites, and rightly so. A well-crafted message and intelligently structured information are essential to winning and retaining

Can there be any commodity more precious to an online marketer today than data? This resource is already valuable for those that know how to effectively exploit it and its value is set to grow even more over the next three years

We’ve all heard the big numbers: there are more than 4,6bn mobile phones in the world, many countries have more cellphones than people, and there will be more smartphones than PCs in most countries by 2013.

The debate about how, when and whether publishers should charge for the content they provide is reaching fever pitch. Facing some hard economic realities, an increasing number of publishers are looking to monetise their properties by putting walls around some or all of their content and charging for it