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Cwele asks unions to end postal strike

Siyabonga Cwele

Siyabonga Cwele

Telecommunications and postal services minister Siyabonga Cwele on Friday asked the South African Post Office and unions to call on workers to end their strike.

He was engaged in “serious discussions” with all Post Office stakeholders, he said in a statement.

“All the stakeholders have noted the negative impact of the ongoing industrial action, the financial state of the post office, and the violence and intimidation. The management and the unions are currently jointly engaging workers to appeal to them to get back to work and explain all the processes that are being undertaken to address all the issues the workers have raised.”

Cwele said he was encouraged by the progress made so far.

“We are committed to serving South Africans. We assure all South Africans that we will continue to engage all stakeholders and work tirelessly to bring an end to the industrial action in order to restore the service delivery,” he said.

The nearly two-month-long strike concerns the conversion of casual workers to permanent staff.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said on Friday it was surprised by Cwele’s call.

“The CWU is surprised by the minister’s … call to CWU to suspend the strike that has been going on in the Post Office … because as CWU we have not called for any strike,” it said.

“We were further taken aback by the initiative of the company and other groupings under the auspices of the department of telecommunications and postal services to call off the strike and agreed on the proposal made by the company without consultation with the workers.”

It said this approach had worsened the “crisis” in the Post Office.

It was the CWU’s view that the workers “must give us a mandate” on whether the deal of converting them to permanent employees in stages and a salary increase were “worth considering or not”, it said.  — Sapa


  1. How can Cwele negotiate with strikers who are issuing death threats and burning delivery vehicles??
    Oh that’s right..Because Patrick Craven and the ANC/COSATU/SACP alliance are what keeps the ANC ministers up at night NOT the paying customers of the SA Post Office.
    How should this strike be resolved? Simple, dismiss all the intimidating strikers and those remaining staffers must then reapply for their posts. In the meantime EMERGENCY laws must be invoked to get the post moving. Will this happen? Nope, because the ANC’s minister is far more worried about the CWU votes in 2016 than in doing his damned job which is to deliver the bloody mail!
    All in all Cwele is proving gutless in addition to clueless.

  2. Who can measure how many businesses that use SAPO will go bankrupt because of this 2 year long farce?

  3. Who can measure how many pensioners are going to get hit with paying for courier firms to deliver their chronic meds because Cwele and his crew of Toyi-Toyers cannot get their act together?
    Pensioners maybe getting their medicine, yes, but that courier delivery has to be PAID FOR. How? From the pensioner’s personal medical aid savings acc portion of their annual plan, that’s how.
    The dot gov’s are scurrying this weekend to cobble a few bucks from sundry other dot gov depts. to plug the hole in the SAPO staff budget. This ‘plug scheme’ spiel soon gets exhausted and then? Guess what? ANOTHER STRIKE.
    The SAPO is a husk, it’s looted, the cupboard is bare Cwele. Shut the doors and put up the signs…”Due to ANC bungling this Post Office is outa biz. FOREVER. Sooorry but try Post Net upstairs shop XYZ, cheers we are outta here”

  4. Well they are cutting their own throats, the courier services have dropped prices and got an up searge in delivery requests , I have embarked on getting all my service providers to email me all the bills and invoices, those that did not have email services have now implemented email I no longer receive bills by post, I am sure thousands have done the same.

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