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IoT for Africa: Why choose execMobile?

ExecMobile provides Internet of things (IoT) connectivity solutions to customers throughout Africa. While connectivity is deemed ubiquitous, and many organisations deem all providers equal, when it comes to IoT the reality is far more complicated.

Whether it be technology, coverage, pricing, control or simplicity, these vary significantly among providers – specifically when having to future-proof large Sim/eSim deployments at scale.

Jody Carollissen, GM at execMobile, South Africa’s leading alternative mobile data provider, shares key insights to guide your decision when selecting a connectivity partner for Africa.


To manage costs and analyse your IoT connectivity, you need to know how your devices are performing on a daily basis. Ask your provider what tools they provide so you can track, monitor and manage the devices, as well as their lifecycle, without having to call a helpdesk for support.

Key to note is that APIs provide a flexible approach for developers to activate, monitor and control connectivity with just a few lines of code. Your potential provider should easily detail how their connectivity can integrate into your IoT ecosystem.

Customer service

Critical events happen at any time. It is essential to work with a provider equipped to offer 24/7 tech support hubs across time zones and geographies. This assistance will provide more visibility and better control for faster problem identification and resolution to keep your IoT deployments up and running around the clock.
Work with a provider that will provide you with a dedicated account team and a single point of contact devoted to helping you grow your business, that has the online tools to ensure faults are logged to resolution.


As technology evolves, solution providers need to keep up with customer demands for connectivity services and complex pricing plans. Ask your connectivity provider what their recent technology developments have been or to share their future road map.

Go with a proven leader in the IoT connectivity field who can implement next-generation technologies (notably eSim) and simplify the entire IoT deployment process.


Africa is gigantic. Many IoT connectivity providers will indicate service in a country, or offer coverage only on one network, but it is critical to ensure coverage is provided via multiple tier-one network providers. Sims should roam seamlessly across these multiple operators to ensure reliable connectivity, whilst ensuring predictable pricing and no bill-shocks.


Using several country-specific service providers, all with diverse pricing, terms and options, will ensure complexity. With the vast volumes of IoT deployments, a simpler route (that makes more sense) is by using one connectivity provider, which can guarantee coverage and reliability, consistent technology deployable at scale, all via one simple online management platform.


You need to look for simple agreements and predictable pricing with no hidden fees. Your IoT connectivity provider should be able to offer a standard generic plan, but also bespoke solutions if required. By working with a provider who understands connectivity requirements, across multiple industries, they will be able to offer the connectivity solution best suited to your application, at the most cost-effective price.


As IoT deployments increase, so will threats. Organisations clearly need to understand how well connectivity providers are combating threats and the tools they use to mitigate them. Your provider should provide details of their network design, with emphasis on security features, providing evidence of how quickly they are able to respond to intrusions, with resolution top of mind.


The connectivity partner you choose today will determine the growth and ultimate success of your journey with IoT. Don’t get trapped with a solution that may limit your ability to expand globally or leave you stuck with “out-of-the-box” hardware and software that can’t be customised if your needs change. You need flexibility and a partner you can trust. Customers are looking to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in their sectors. They need providers who can deliver customised and purpose-built IoT connectivity solutions.

Why execMobile?

Get ahead of the competition by partnering with a trusted advisor. With more than 10 years’ experience providing mobile data to customers, execMobile has a full range of solutions to meet your needs. By eliminating the trial and error involved in optimising connectivity for your IoT deployments, you can focus on your core business and reduce your time to market. As your trusted advisor, we can help you make an informed decision to meet your needs today and into the future.

For more, please visit execMobile’s website.

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