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MTN shows off 1.6Gbit/s 5G in Gerotek demo

MTN and its technology partner, Ericsson, have achieved throughput of 1.6Gbit/s using 5G technology at the Gerotek skidpan outside Pretoria.

Using 100MHz of spectrum in the 28GHz band, the companies demonstrated a live, 4K-quality video feed streamed from inside a moving car at the facility.

The audience was able to view the driver’s surroundings while moving around the track, allowing them to experience what the driver was seeing in real time.

The demonstration was then taken further by fully obscuring the driver’s windscreen, leaving him to navigate the track using the live feed from a 4K video camera to his virtual reality headset. This was possible thanks to the low latency, or network round-trip time, of 5G technology. The companies achieved network latency during the test of five milliseconds.

The solution demonstrated consisted of three radio units, base-band equipment, prototype 5G user equipment (UE) with an external antenna, a vehicle with the UE installed, a 4K video camera and a VR headset.  — (c) 2018 NewsCentral Media

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