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Last week, the Financial Services Board granted the fourth new stock exchange licence issued in the past two years. The licence was awarded to Equity Express Securities Exchange, and follows those given to ZAR X

When ZAR X settled its first trade in February this year, it was the first stock exchange transaction in South Africa to take place outside of the JSE in more than a century. With the Financial Services Board’s appeals board having dismissed

The Financial Services Board on Wednesday granted a new exchange licence with an infrastructure to clear to A2X Markets. This is the third new stock exchange licence granted by the regulator in just over

The Financial Services Board’s appeal board has dismissed the consolidated appeals of the JSE and 4AX against the regulator’s granting of a licence to new exchange ZAR X. The judgment, handed down on Thursday

Newly licensed stock exchange ZAR X has approached the Competition Commission to investigate whether the JSE’s appeal against its licence amounts to anticompetitive behaviour. The Financial Services Board granted ZAR X a licence