Browsing: Bing and Google parent company Alphabet posted results last week that extended their dominance of how we shop and search online. Apple and Facebook will in the coming days add evidence that tech behemoths command

Investors cheered Steve Ballmer’s decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft. The share price leapt higher by more than 7% on the day of the announcement that he would leave within the next 12 months, once a successor had been identified. Most critics said that, at best

Nokia wants to become the default location services provider for Microsoft products and expects eventually to combine all of its new location-based services into one, unified experience. The Finnish company’s new location services include a check-in service called Pulse

Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, was in SA last week to meet with the software company’s customers and to attend the soccer World Cup final in Johannesburg. TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod sat down with Courtois, who is responsible for all of Microsoft’s operations outside the US, for an exclusive media interview and asked him about life at the company after the departure of Bill Gates, cloud computing and the plans for its Bing search engine.