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Social media pointing to Kenya election upset

The South African firm that accurately predicted Britain’s exit from the European Union and Donald Trump’s victory in the US by analysing what users were saying on social media now believes that Raila Odinga is

Analysis shows apathy over Zuma speech

An analysis of social media conversations by the South African company that accurately predicted Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US election shows a decline in negative sentiment

Social media analysis pointing to Trump upset

Social media is a scary place for Democrats right now. The polls have favoured Hillary Clinton for months. Experts have begun discussing her cabinet choices. Pundits have been wondering by just how much Donald Trump will lose

This is how social media predicts SA will vote

BrandsEye, the South African company that accurately predicted Britons would vote to leave the European Union by monitoring conversations on social media, now forecasts that South Africa’s election on Wednesday

As election looms, analytics shows up media bias

We’ve all seen the polls and their (widely varying) predictions for Wednesday’s municipal elections. But what are the people really thinking? What are they saying? How much of this public conversation is generated by

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