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As technology progresses, so, too, must our laws. Drones, formally known as remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), have been around for at least a decade, but their application was limited and costs prohibitive

The SA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has given the green light to SA Airways (SAA) to allow passengers on the airline’s flights to use their smartphones and other supported devices in “flight mode”, where the devices’ radio antennae are switched off. SAA passengers on all domestic

The rules airlines impose on the use of electronic gadgetry on their aircraft are incoherent and in many cases downright silly. It is time the industry applied consistent guidelines on the use of cellphones, e-readers and tablets on their flights. I’ve been travelling extensively around

SA Airways is the only airline that can test the feasibility of using cellphones on its flights, the SA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said on Friday. “The CAA wishes to clarify that despite reports from some media

SA Airways and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are testing the use of cellphones in flight mode on the national carriers’ aircraft. The move is a significant step for both the carrier and the authority