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The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) that came into effect in April calls for the establishment and maintenance of an opt-out registry to protect consumers from unsolicited marketing. It seems the job may go to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of

Too little, too late.” This was the general reaction of Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and telecommunications analysts last week after the regulator released its discussion document

Two years ago I participated in a “CIO Christmas wishlist” for a local industry publication. Re-reading that list, it is sobering to see just how many of those wishes still stand. Here’s my 2009 list. I’m not holding my breath, though my tongue remains firmly in my cheek

I remember little of the 1960s. This has more to do with my date of birth than it does with my choice of Kool-Aid at the time. However, I do remember certain aspects of life that have changed so irrevocably that my kids look at me askance when I mention them

No doubt your company’s IT department has had to do more with less recently. There’s an upside to the downturn though. Nothing focuses the corporate mind like a little cash-flow crisis. If you come out the other side of a recession in the same state of fitness as you went in, you’re at risk of getting mauled by the leaner, hungrier and more toned cats around you who have treated the economic crunch as a super-circuit for commerce.