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One thing about the 2016 US presidential race is undeniable: Donald Trump has lied or misled at an unprecedented level. Over 70% of his statements, according to Politifact, are “mostly false”, “false” or “pants on fire false”. (Hillary Clinton is at 26%.) His latest whopper

Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a 28 June fundraiser for US house speaker Paul Ryan and his political operation, according to two Republican aides. Some of the money will go to the National Republican Congressional Committee

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is making the world less safe, and his policies are causing people to view America negatively, according to a global survey in six countries allied with the US. A poll published on Thursday

When Anonymous declared “total war” on Donald Trump in early March, the hacktivist group set a countdown clock, calling on “everyone to target Trump websites” on 1 April. But that may not have been its real objective. Regardless of what, if anything