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Economic development minister Ebrahim Patel said in a speech in parliament on Monday that interventions by government will ensure that data prices will fall as this is key to underpinning South Africa’s efforts to

The Competition Commission has launched a market inquiry into data services, a move that could result in a big shake-up in the way mobile operators charge for and structure their data plans. The inquiry comes as pressure

The fundamental problem confronting South Africa today is a political culture that is defective and out of kilter with the needs of the majority of the people. Innovative thinking about transforming the economy is stunted by political

The state, through the Industrial Development Corp (IDC), intends to invest R100bn in job-creating activities in the next five years, including R23bn specifically to promote industrialisation owned and managed by blacks. This was announced

The government’s investment in infrastructure, including in information and communications technology, continues to play a major role in South Africa’s recovery from the recession, economic development minister Ebrahim Patel said on Tuesday. Patel and fellow ministers in the economic sectors

Two deputy commissioners have been appointed to serve six month terms on the Competition Commission, the economic development department said on Monday. “The two new deputy commissioners are advocate Oliver Josie and Ms Trudi Makhaya,” it said in a statement. Both of them