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If the Films and Publications Amendment Bill is passed in its current form, South Africans may no longer upload videos to online channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram unless they register as a distributor and pay

South Africa’s Film and Publication Board is getting ready to do battle with Netflix, reportedly giving the US streaming media service two weeks to comply with local regulations or face sanctions. Kenyan website Standard Digital

A local association representing Internet service providers wants submissions on a controversial draft online content policy to be made public. “South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association has called on the Film and Publication Board to make public

The auditor-general’s office has identified millions of rand in wasteful and irregular expenditure from government institutions such as public broadcaster the SABC. In a presentation to the

The Film and Publication Board’s newly published draft online regulatory policy reflects a growing trend in government that at best betokens nanny statism and at worst a move towards more autocratic rule. The FPB, which was transferred to the department of communications