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Three hundred recordings later, the ZA Tech Show is still around. Joining Brett Haggard in this historic episode are Duncan McLeod, Jon Tullett and Ben Kelly. They share news and opinions, and have a few laughs – just like the old days. The topic list includes the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Nashua Mobile’s decision to close its

Although Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone is an evolutionary product, there is not enough in it to make people upgrade from the S4. It doesn’t push the envelope in any real way. Indeed, we are in a sort of stasis now when it comes to smartphone innovation. This is not to say that smartphone innovation is finished

Korea’s Samsung Electronics this week began selling its latest flagship handset, the highly anticipated Galaxy S5. Early reviews are already in and, although largely positive, some reviewers are asking if the insane pace of innovation in the smartphone industry in

Mobile World Congress (MWC) was dominated by prominent new smartphones from heavyweights Samsung, Nokia and Sony, with most revealing new and flagship handsets, but some, like Nokia, choosing instead to focus on more affordable devices aimed at emerging markets. Although Taiwan’s HTC did not

In an increasingly crowded and competitive smartphone space, market leader Samsung Electronics has taken the wraps off its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, at an event in Barcelona, Spain. The new device, unveiled by the company’s CEO, JK Shin, features new health

HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, Huawei. The world’s big smartphone makers are all expected to unveil new flagship devices in 2014, many of them in the next few months. But what can consumers look forward to?