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Central Intelligence Agency’s hackers have developed tools letting them break into devices from iPhones and Android phones to Samsung “smart” televisions to monitor conversations and messages, according to WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks, which specialises

Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick is stepping down from US President Donald Trump’s business advisory council after criticism from customers and drivers. Kalanick’s participation on the council, along with more than a dozen other US

You almost have to feel sorry for Julian Assange. Shut in at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London without access to sunlight, the founder of WikiLeaks is reduced to self-parody these days. Here is a man dedicated to radical

President Barack Obama retaliated against Russia for cyberattacks aimed at interfering with the 2016 presidential campaign, imposing sanctions on top Russian intelligence officials and agencies, expelling 35 Russian operatives from the US and releasing

Donald Trump’s presidential election victory has been described as stunning, shocking and having elicited a “primal scream” from the media. The president-elect resonated enough with more than

Donald Trump credits social media with a key role in his upset victory in the US presidential election and may continue to use it once he takes office, though he plans to be more circumspect. “I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at

America just endured its first presidential election in which the majority of the electorate got its news from social media. And the outcome is already prompting soul searching by the companies that shaped it. Facebook will have to contend with mounting dissatisfaction

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the US in a repudiation of the political establishment that jolted financial markets and likely will reorder the nation’s priorities and fundamentally alter America’s

Emerging market stocks and currencies were rocked by early results from the US election that gave Donald Trump a narrow lead over Hillary Clinton. The Mexican peso, a barometer of Trump’s fortunes, tumbled the most in eight years