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US officials are planning to issue indictments related to the hacking attacks against Yahoo, according to a person briefed on the matter. The country’s department of justice is accusing four people of participating in massive online security

Yahoo, or rather what will be left of it once it has sold its operational Internet assets to Verizon Communications in a $4,8bn deal, will change its name to the rather obscure Altaba, the US company said in a regulatory filing

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is among six directors who plan to leave the board of the investment company that will be left after the closing of the proposed sale of Yahoo’s main Internet properties to Verizon Communications. The new company, a shareholder

Yahoo disclosed a second major security breach that may have affected more than a billion user accounts, another blow to the company’s reputation as it nears the sale of its main Web businesses to Verizon Communications. The company

Verizon’s US$4,8bn deal to acquire Yahoo and merge it with AOL has stalled following a widespread hack of 500m Yahoo users. But AOL CEO Tim Armstrong believes the deal will ultimately close. “I’m cautiously optimistic that it will happen

In July, Yahoo received a report of a hacker claiming to have 280m user account credentials for sale on the black market. An initial investigation found no evidence to back that up, according to a person familiar with the probe. Claims like

Yahoo said the personal information of at least 500m users was stolen in an attack on its accounts in 2014, exposing half of its roughly 1bn users ahead of Verizon Communications’ planned acquisition of the Web portal’s assets

On Monday, Yahoo’s years-long fight to survive as a standalone company will draw to a close. Verizon Communications will announce plans to buy Yahoo’s core assets for a bit more than US$4,8bn before the market opens, said

Spare a thought for the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer. Nearly four years on the job, the ailing Internet giant is still struggling to deliver a credible path to growth. And following the US$4,3bn loss the company reported for the year in its latest results, the Yahoo board undercut her plan

Eight leading American technology companies have joined forces to demand changes be made to US surveillance laws, calling for current laws and practices to be reformed in light of revelations of mass surveillance of Internet users’ activities by the National Security Agency. In a letter