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The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, one of the most trafficked tourist attractions in the world, is now also host to a technology hub that its backers hope will help incubate and grow the next crop of

The quaint “village” of Parkhurst is one of my favourite weekend spots and I often visit its pubs and eateries with the missus. So, as the resident of a neighbouring suburb, news that Parkhurst is planning to roll out fibre broadband to all homes and businesses piqued my interest. What was of particular interest was

Telkom would have us believe that the only thing holding South Africa back from cost-effective Internet is a technical challenge. In fact, it’s greed, compounded by a lack of will and imagination. For the most part, the really big players in telecommunications don’t want to fix the problem. Why should they when they can charge

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s (Icasa’s) markets and competition GM, Pieter Grootes, says South Africans should be paying R329/month for a 40Mbit/s fixed-line broadband connection. “This may seem unbelievable, but it exists in the city centre of Johannesburg, in the Maboneng district

A portion of downtown Johannesburg is being transformed into one of the most wired places in Africa thanks to the initiative of a group of tech-savvy property developers. The Maboneng Precinct is a short walk from banking group Absa’s head office and houses Arts on Main, the Mainchange, Main Street Life