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When manufacturers are unveiling cars that can’t be driven for years to come, and the very people able to afford them are over the hype anyway, it raises the question: have we reached peak supercar?

“We are always looking at acquisitions,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts last month. “There’s not a size that we would not do.” It’s a message he’s increasingly stressed over the past year as investors

British supercar maker McLaren may be denying that it is in talks with Apple about a potential tie-up, but the firm can’t deny that the idea actually makes some sense. Apple has long been rumoured to be working on its own electric and

You may have read that the world’s most valuable company is cooking up something in the automotive world. In keeping with Steve Jobs’s practice of cloaking everything in iSecrecy, Apple hasn’t even

Apple, ramping up efforts to disrupt the transportation industry, is seeking a stake in luxury car maker McLaren and is in talks to buy Lit Motors, an electric motorbike start-up, people with knowledge of the matter