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The Democratic Alliance on Sunday said it was concerned with a lack of clarity about the current state of South Africa’s power supply system as the new year took off. “The power utility and deputy president Cyril

A plan is in the making for Eskom’s financial and operational recovery, public enterprises minister Lynne Brown said in Johannesburg on Tuesday. “Yesterday, the Eskom leadership and the leading global expert on the subject walked me through the very latest analysis of the road ahead,” she said. “The expert

Democratic Alliance MP Natasha Michael on Tuesday demanded public enterprises minister Lynne Brown supply parliament with all maintenance records for the Majuba power station in Mpumalanga. In what appears to be a continuation

The Democratic Alliance demanded answers from the government on Monday on what its bailout plan for the embattled state electricity utility Eskom will entail. Responding to Sunday’s announcement by cabinet that it had approved a funding package to help Eskom with its R225bn

Eskom on Sunday defended its proposed upgrades to Megawatt Park, its head office in Johannesburg, as a necessity despite the utility being under financial constraints. “This are essential, they aren’t lavish upgrades,” spokesman Andrew Etzinger said. He said the upgrades were necessary for the health and safety of staff, data

Opposition parties will continue to push for the truth behind the enforced power cut “crisis” before the elections, the Democratic Alliance said on Monday. The DA and the Independent Democrats called for an investigation into the bonuses paid to Eskom executives, as part of a range of measures to counter the

The Democratic Alliance is demanding that R31m in bonuses paid to Eskom “directors” be “returned” to national treasury following Thursday’s rolling blackouts, the first since 2008’s power crisis. The DA says it wants the money paid back so that it can be used to buy generators for hospitals and emergency

The electricity emergency that South Africa is facing this month could have been avoided with better planning, quality control measures and implementation, the Democratic Alliance said on Thursday. Eskom said on Tuesday that it was declaring an electricity supply emergency due to

Power utility Eskom’s ability to keep the country’s lights on this winter remains a major worry, the Democratic Alliance warned on Tuesday. “At the front and centre of most South Africans’ minds right now is the worry about our very precarious electricity supply,” MP Natasha Michael told MPs in the national