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President Jacob Zuma’s shock decision to fire his finance minister and stack his cabinet with loyalists may have seemed like good politics, but it’s led to an immediate downgrade of the nation’s

he pursuit of money among some members of the ANC is becoming so intense that senior officials say it’s threatening to split the ruling party and damage its ability to govern. In power since Nelson Mandela

President Jacob Zuma has warded off calls to resign over the scandals that have marred his administration and spread dissent in the ruling party largely thanks to a bloc of politicians known as the “premier league” that has his back. With urban voters deserting

Corruption, an arrogant leadership and faction fighting are tearing at the soul of the ANC, according to an internal report presented to the top leaders of the party after its worst-ever electoral performance. “The ANC is bleeding, with every Sunday full of headlines

South Africa’s cabinet has become dysfunctional. This highest executive body charged with managing the state’s daily affairs has 35 members. The cabinet is responsible for, among other things, “developing