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A dozen police officers apprehended a man who flew a radio-controlled mini helicopter over the Pretoria hospital where former president Nelson Mandela was being treated on Friday. The “multicopter” had a rotating camera and was in the sky for a few minutes. A multicopter looks like a spider. It has several arms

With hair clipped close to his head and a speedy gait, Derek Hanekom, 59, is energetic but welcoming when he sits down with me at a roadside restaurant table on Anderson Street in downtown Johannesburg. He puts his Apple iPhone on the table, orders coffee and sparkling water, and, when I ask him for his

Public enterprises director-general Tshediso Matona said last week that government has made no decision about what it plans to do about the vexing question of Telkom. Ruling-party politicians are debating whether the company will remain listed on the JSE or

Years after complaints were first lodged, Telkom is finally being called to answer to charges that it abused its monopoly in the telecommunications industry. It could face a huge fine. But the foreign shareholders responsible for the excesses are gone. When SBC