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Telkom in tender for VOD partner

Telkom has published an invitation for interested bidders to apply to partner the fixed-line telecommunications operator in providing video-on-demand (VOD) services to its customers. The move comes after Telkom said last year it was talking to potential VOD

Telkom to offer flat-rate triple play

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko has said that he hopes the company will be offering conmsumers a triple-play combination of uncapped Internet access, voice services and video on demand (VOD) for one flat-rate fee within the next 12 months. The JSE-listed telecommunications operator, which is

VOD set for take-off in Africa

The number of video-on-demand subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa will grow by one million in 2014, despite the lack of broadband infrastructure in the region, according to a new report. However, most of those subscribers will receive VOD-based services not over broadband

Telkom ‘held talks’ with Netflix, Comcast

Telkom has held talks with a range of media companies, including America’s Netflix and Comcast, as it looks to build a video-on-demand service on its fixed-line broadband infrastructure in South Africa, its CEO, Sipho Maseko, has been quoted as saying

Duncan McLeod
At Telkom, Maseko takes the tiger’s tail

Sipho Maseko is a really nice guy – which makes me want to pity him over the challenge he’s taken on at Telkom. Some would say accepting the group CEO position at South Africa’s biggest fixed-line operator is like grabbing a tiger by its tail. Sooner rather than later, you get eaten

Netflix will change SA television

In May 2011, a remarkable thing happened on the Internet in America. It was the month that Netflix, the streaming video service, overtook pirated content as the largest portion of Internet traffic. Until this moment, digital content was being shared mainly via BitTorrent, but it was all pirated from

Watching Netflix, Hulu in SA: is it legal?

Subscribing to international music and video streaming subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix outside the regions for which they’re intended may breach the terms of service between content distributors and the owners of that content. But as long as South African users pay their monthly fees, their

How to get Netflix, Hulu in SA

With a credit card, a broadband connection, some (usually) simple instructions, and using one or more of a selection of clever applications or browser plug-ins, South Africans can subscribe to US video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and

Second screen no threat to TV – yet

Tablets, smartphones and laptops aren’t having the negative effect on television viewing many predicted, according to a new report from Deloitte. The report, “Survival of the fastest: TV’s evolution in a connected world”, has found that the increase in second screens has “barely caused a ripple in TV behaviour

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