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Netflix said to confirm SA launch plans

A spokesman for Netflix has reportedly confirmed that the online video-on-demand service will be launched in South Africa before the end of next year. This follows news on Wednesday that

Netflix could soon land in SA

The chances of Netflix being launched in South Africa soon have just got a lot better. The company’s CEO, Reed Hastings, says in a letter to shareholders, issued on Tuesday, that the online video pioneer

Andy Marken
Old Hollywood battles the tech upstarts

As long as you don’t think about it too hard, today’s entertainment is great. Think just a little and it’s actually amazing — you can watch it in a theatre; on your television set (old-fashioned pay TV or “over the top” on the Internet); and on your computer, tablet and smartphone

TechCentral’s best-read stories of 2014

It was another busy year in South Africa’s technology industry. From the drama at the SABC to the drama over the splitting of the department of communications, it’s been an interesting news year, but a frustrating one for the sector. We know what our favourite stories were in 2014

Want Netflix? There’s a VPN for that

The Internet is a worldwide network, but not everything on it is available to everyone. That’s particularly true for services that are locked to regions – music streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play Music All Access as well as video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix and Hulu

Duncan McLeod
The revolution will be televised

Driven by the rise of broadband, the era of linear television broadcasting will draw to a rapid close in the next decade. New media empires will be built on the back of this change. Established broadcasters that don’t adapt will crumble. A revolution is at hand — a revolution that is going

DStv to launch Catch Up Plus

DStv parent MultiChoice will never attempt to prosecute anyone in South Africa subscribing to international streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, which don’t operate in the country. Many South African consumers

Alistair Fairweather
SA’s operators must stop their whining

If there’s one group of local companies that doesn’t need help, it’s our telecommunications providers. For decades, this cosy oligopoly has reaped the enormous benefits of rapidly growing new markets, from cellular telephony to data. And yet now they are whining about unfair

MultiChoice move angers customers

A decision by MultiChoice no longer to allow DStv customers to suspend their DStv packages any time during the month is generating unhappiness among some of its clients. TechCentral has received a number of complaints from unhappy customers, who say the

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