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Competition played a role in Telkom’s decision to launch uncapped fixed-line broadband services on Friday. But the main reason it’s going uncapped is that it plans to launch video-on-demand (VOD) services within the next year. The move — Telkom is at

Televisions have been getting bigger, thinner, lighter and cheaper, offering consumers a high-definition and increasingly cinematic experience at home. But they have remained largely passive devices for consuming content. That may be about to

SA’s television content and broadcasting market is hotting up with news that a new player, VOD:TV, will launch services to South Africans on 1 September. TechCentral can reveal exclusively that the new company, which is being launched

Google’s live streaming of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton marks the beginning of the end for traditional broadcast models. The search engine giant streamed Friday’s wedding live to millions of viewers across the world. It’s estimated that as

The next Apple or Google may be found among African telecommunications providers — if they take advantage of mobile applications and services where their Western counterparts haven’t

While other mainstream media have undergone radical change due to the Internet, television has remained relatively immune to its influences — until now

South Africans generally have a raw deal when it comes to gaining access to the latest music, movies and television shows. Sometimes we have to wait months before the latest movies and TV shows

Blockbuster Video. It’s a great name, isn’t it? For nearly two decades it has ruled the video-store roost, both in the US and around the world. But now, after years of billion-dollar losses and with its share price in tatters, it is filing for bankruptcy. What happened? Well, many things, including corporate bloat (it has more than 6 500 stores), some questionable management decisions, and much stronger competition from cable television. But if we have to pick a villain here, it’s the Internet.