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The council of communications regulator Icasa has appointed Willington Ngwepe as its new CEO, replacing the suspended Pakamile Pongwana who quit under a cloud in August. Ngwepe, who

Pakamile Pongwana has resigned as CEO of communications regulator Icasa. This is after Pongwana was placed on “precautionary suspension” on…

The council of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has placed its CEO, Pakamile Pongwana, on “precautionary suspension”, it said in a statement on Thursday afternoon. Pongwana, who has been CEO of the broadcasting

A split inside the ANC over how radio frequency spectrum should be allocated – a split that risks retarding South Africa’s ICT sector – has now erupted into open warfare, with communications regulator Icasa and telecommunications

The independence of communications regulator Icasa is at stake in a tussle between the regulator and the department of telecommunications & postal services on how valuable spectrum will be assigned. It is common cause that the

Communications regulator Icasa said it plans to launch an inquiry in the next financial year to look at the impact of over-the-top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp and Skype on the data services market. Icasa chief operating officer Willington Ngwepe said

Over-the-top platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype don’t pay taxes in South Africa, says mobile network MTN. MTN’s corporate services executive, Graham de Vries, made this claim in a presentation at a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday. The meeting discussed

Finally, there’s a move to try to do something about the dysfunction crippling the department of telecommunications & postal services. The mess at the department has become a barrier blocking the development of South Africa’s information and