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Biz Stone to return to Twitter

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said he’s rejoining the company six years after he left, becoming the second creator to return to help revive the struggling social media service. In his new role, Stone will be focused on company culture

Unicorns are on the endangered list

What a difference two years can make. The herd of private technology start-ups worth over US$1bn – dubbed “unicorns” – is looking decidedly skittish. Funding is drying up and the expected rivers of revenue have not yet begun to flow. On Friday

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Youngsters are checking out of social media

When my digital media students are sitting, waiting for class to start and staring at their phones, they are not checking Facebook. They’re not checking Instagram, or Pinterest or even Twitter. No, they’re catching up on the news of the day by checking out their friends’ stories

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SA social media by the numbers

On Tuesday, technology market research firm World Wide Worx and online media monitoring company Fuseware released their annual report on the South African social media landscape. Their findings reveal that visual content is the biggest driving factor behind the uptake and

Start-up Snaglur: SA’s Tumblr?

Described by its founder, Gerhard van der Westhuizen, as a “social publishing network”, Pretoria-based Internet start-up Snaglur has managed more than 50 000 sign-ups and generates about 15 000 unique visits a day just two months since launch. Similar to US social platforms Tumblr and Posterous

Pinterest: the next big social network?

To pin or not to pin: that is not the question on Pinterest . In fact, according to data gathered by e-commerce analytics platform RJMetrics, Pinterest retains a remarkably high percentage of new users who go on to use the site at high rates and stay active on the site long after they’ve joined. Pinterest is the digital