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The Right2Know Campaign has described the proposed the cybercrime bill as flawed. The organisation said the legislation was designed in a way to censor the Internet. The organisation’s Micah Reddy said the problem with the proposed bill was that it was too broad and it would effectively

The state security department’s national cybersecurity policy framework, which was approved by cabinet in 2012, has finally been published. The Right2Know Campaign said recently that, until October, the document was regarded as classified. The policy framework was

The new cybercrimes bill is flawed, too broad and brings the country one step closer to the securitisation of the Internet, the Right2Know Campaign has said. It was basically the secrecy bill of the Internet as it stood now and handed the keys of the Internet to

Around 200 people marched in Cape Town on Saturday to demand lower mobile call rates and media transformation. The group blew whistles as they marched down Long Street and carried signs stating “Free Set Top Box” and