Among the plethora of announcements at Google’s annual I/O developer event was one that should have music fans excited. The company is launching Google Play Music All Access, a streaming music service, beating rival Apple, which is said to be planning a similar product, to market. However, the

Nokia is making a big play for the streaming music market in South Africa, undercutting rivals by introducing its new Nokia Music+ service at just R25/month. TechCentral revealed in January that Nokia would bring Nokia Music+ to South African users. The service offers more about 15m songs for a monthly

Nokia’s new music streaming service will be launched in South Africa before the end of March, a spokesman for the company’s local subsidiary said on Monday. On Sunday, the Finnish company announced the launch of Nokia Music+, offering about 15m songs for a monthly subscription fee that is far below rival services

Despite the relatively small number of fixed-line Internet connections and the still relatively high cost of mobile data, South Africa now has three music streaming services vying for consumers’ attention. And this is before the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Music, expected soon. TechCentral

South Africa’s online streaming music market has gone from nowhere to crowded in a matter of months. This week, another online music service, France’s Deezer has been launched — or “soft-launched”, according to a company source. France’s Deezer, which enjoys a close

A new music streaming service,, was launched in SA earlier this week with little fanfare, despite the fact that SA consumers’ options are limited when it comes to such products. The service is competitively priced and stocked and now operates in 27 markets around the world