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Nuclear energy in South Africa is a hotly contested issue — so much so that a court recently ruled against the government’s plans to issue a contract for the construction of eight new nuclear power stations. The ruling appeared to have delivered

South Africa has delayed plans to build new nuclear power plants over concern about their cost and the waning demand for additional electricity as economic growth stalls. Under a new timeline, the first nuclear power is expected to

South Africa’s nuclear procurement programme is far from a done deal and could collapse at any point, according to energy expert Chris Yelland. While cabinet approved the next stage of the new build plan for 9,6GW of nuclear power on 9 December

It has been an eventful year in South Africa, characterised by power cuts, parliamentary confrontations about wasteful expenditure and student fee protests. There has, however, been an elephant in the room that has impacted all these issues but enjoyed surprisingly scarce attention

South Africa could look to places like Finland and Turkey when trying to figure out a way to fund its high-cost nuclear build programme. National treasury is currently exploring funding options for the department of energy, which is seeking the procurement of 9,6GW worth of

The department of energy announced in a statement on Thursday that it has signed two memoranda of understanding with Russian state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom at the 7th summit of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)