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Duncan McLeod
Open up networks for cheaper mobile data

Internet service providers have done a commendable job of bringing down the cost of fixed-line broadband in South Africa. Although the actual connection fees to Telkom remain high (thanks to Telkom’s monopoly over the “last mile” into homes), the price of uncapped and

IS, MWeb merger on the cards?

Five years after media giant Naspers put MWeb up for auction unsuccessfully, corporate action involving the Internet service provider may again be looming. According to a well-placed industry source, Dimension Data and Naspers have been engaged in talks about merging MWeb and Dimension Data

Surprise as Rudi Jansen steps down as MWeb CEO

Internet service provider (ISP) MWeb said on Tuesday that its group CEO, Rudi Jansen, is stepping down at the end of February after 15 years at the Naspers-owned subsidiary. Jansen has held the position of CEO since 2005. DStv Mobile CEO

MWeb upgrades its network

Internet service provider MWeb has completed what it calls a “four-phase infrastructure and backbone upgrade” that now means it’s running a 10Gbit/s connection between SA’s three biggest cities and offering subscribers in Durban a more direct route into its network

Unbundling should extend to wireless – MWeb

The country’s mobile operators should also be subjected to local-loop unbundling and not only Telkom and its “last-mile” copper access network, MWeb CEO Rudi Jansen told public hearings on the process at the Independent Communications

MWeb bumps up data caps

Just a week after TelkomInternet, Telkom’s Internet service provider, announced it was raising the bandwidth caps it imposes on its AllAccess customers, MWeb has introduced new capped packages aimed at the home and small business markets. For the same price, MWeb subscribers

Naspers: SA’s next telecoms operator?

Could Naspers become SA’s newest telecommunications operator? It is looking increasingly likely that the Cape Town-based media giant will commit the billions of rand necessary to do just that. Its Internet service provider subsidiary, MWeb

Unbundling must extend to mobile – MWeb

To foster competition in telecommunications, it’s important that local-loop unbundling does not apply only to the fixed access lines owned by Telkom. It must also be extended to the mobile operators. That’s the view of MWeb CEO Rudi Jansen

Unbundling: what industry wants from Icasa

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) will present a discussion document on local-loop unbundling (LLU) to the telecommunications industry on Wednesday morning. TechCentral rounded up the views of a few key industry leaders

MWeb upgrades broadband users

Two separate announcements on Wednesday morning demonstrate that competitive rivalry continues to intensify in SA’s fixed-line broadband market. In the first announcement, MWeb has announced it will not charge its

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