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The former Eagle Scout known as Dread Pirate Roberts must serve a life sentence for running the multimillion-dollar Silk Road online drug bazaar, a federal appeals court said even as it questioned the usefulness of such harsh penalties

Ross Ulbricht, also known as “Dread Pirate Roberts”, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole by a Manhattan federal court for masterminding the Silk Road anonymous online illegal marketplace. Ulbricht was labelled a drug dealer and criminal

The Silk Road trial has concluded, with Ross Ulbricht found guilty of running the anonymous online marketplace for illegal goods. But questions remain over how the FBI found its way through Tor, the software that allows anonymous, untraceable use of the Web, to gather

It’s a familiar story: a young computer nerd creates a new online service that attracts nearly a million customers in a couple of years and has earned tens of millions of dollars. Except that the service in this case – Silk Road – was not only secret, it was also illegal. Started in early 2011, Silk Road was designed as a marketplace

Newswires, forums and social media have been abuzz since Wednesday, when news broke that notorious online marketplace, the Silk Road, has been shut down and its alleged mastermind, Ross William Ulbricht, or “Dread Pirate Roberts”, arrested. The Road, as patrons