Author Alistair Fairweather

Alistair Fairweather

Where to next for smartphones

There is no innovation more emblematic of the early 21st century than the smartphone. Putting a handheld computer combined with a video camera, permanently connected to the Internet, in the pockets of billions of people

Alistair Fairweather

Uber: heading for a crash

It’s been a tough few months for Uber. Already this year, it has been hit by a massive boycott followed swiftly by serious allegations of institutional sexism and sexual harassment. Now the most serious scandal in the ride-hailing

Alistair Fairweather

Invasion of the privacy snatchers

It’s no secret that everyone from employers to educators to landlords scan social media profiles to assess applicants. In an age of radical openness, our online profiles often say more than we’d admit in an interview. But now

Alistair Fairweather

The Panama Papers: journalism as judo

The ongoing exposé of the Panama Papers is the most significant leak of compromising data since Edward Snowden’s revelations about America’s National Security Agency. What few people realise is the vital role played by African journalists

Alistair Fairweather

Coming soon(ish): DNA-powered hard drives

If you’re a typical technology user, you’ve run out of space to store your data at least once in your life, if not once this year already. Whether it’s photos on our phones or Game of Thrones on our laptops, we’re all gathering data faster than we

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