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With a credit card, a broadband connection, some (usually) simple instructions, and using one or more of a selection of clever applications or browser plug-ins, South Africans can subscribe to US video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and

Just as the music industry was getting used to the idea of another shift in formats – from compact discs as the distribution mechanism to digital downloads over the Internet – another huge change in the way people listen to music looks set to shake the business to its foundations. A decade after Steve Jobs

Social networking site Twitter is expected to launch a new music discovery application this weekend, while Apple is reportedly finalising deals with major labels before entering the streaming music space to take on Spotify and Pandora, which are a growing threat to the iTunes Store. There’s a

Universal Music Group and Samsung Electronics, together with African and international music labels and publishers, have launched a pan-African mobile music streaming service called “the Kleek”. The Kleek, designed specifically

Microsoft is planning to expand its Zune Pass music offering to more countries ahead of the launch of the company’s upcoming Spotify-like Xbox Music service. Industry sources have told TechCentral that SA is one of the markets in line to get the music subscription service. According to US reports

With more than 16m tracks, 2m albums and 650 000 artists, Simfy is a fully fledged music streaming service that stacks up incredibly well against rivals Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio. From next week it’s available in SA – without the need for a foreign credit card, a virtual private network, or any of the other digital

German-based media streaming company Simfy is set to launch a local offering of its music streaming service before the end of the month. Simfy Africa will have more than 18m tracks available for streaming and has secured licensing deals with all of the big international record labels, including Sony Music

Ikenna “Ike” Ouizo is the founder and CEO of TruSpot, a service he describes as the “Spotify for Africa”. Truspot, which offers Africa-specific content, is run out of Texas, but will move to its conceptual birthplace, Nigeria, later this month. The groundwork for TruSpot came in the

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report, SA Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2010-2014, paints a gloomy picture of the country’s recorded music industry, with sales falling in double digits year on year. The question exercising the minds

Craig Wilson and Duncan McLeod are in the studio this week for a packed episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In episode 39, we look at Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, the appointment