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Huawei to launch notebook PCs in SA

After announcing in May that it is getting into the notebook PC business, smartphone maker Huawei has announced it will two of the three new machines in South Africa in September. The Chinese company will introduce

Facebook may be next in EU’s crosshairs

Facebook’s small print may be the next big thing in European antitrust as watchdogs home in on how the world’s biggest social network collects information from users that helps generate vast advertising revenues. Germany’s Federal Cartel

TalkCentral: Ep 181 – ‘Gupta sockpuppets’

Andrew Fraser joins the TalkCentral regulars Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg this week to talk about everything tech (and plenty more besides). On the show, Andrew talks about his investigation into the Gupta sockpuppets

Reasons to worry about Naspers structure?

Earlier this month, Caxton raised questions about Naspers’s complex control structure. At a Competition Tribunal hearing it contended that an inquiry was needed to determine who directs the company’s strategy. The tribunal ultimately rejected

How cyberattack tripped up businesses worldwide

The global cyberattack that has been wending its way across continents since Tuesday started creating real consequences at some businesses even as the virus’s spread seemed to be abating. FedEx said it could suffer a “material” financial

Hilton Tarrant
R2/MB is all but dead

It’s surprising that the country’s major mobile operators haven’t trumpeted the death of R2/MB charges for out-of-bundle data. That pricing – a staple of the industry since Vodacom’s launch of 3G services in 2004 – has practically disappeared

DStv’s Graeme Cumming on the future of TV

On this TechCentral podcast episode, Duncan McLeod chats to the head of digital media at MultiChoice about the future of television in South Africa. It’s a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion about how the TV

Latest cyberattack is more than it seems

It’s almost a reflex to blame Russians for cyberattacks these days, even on the sketchiest of evidence. But such accusations certainly seem justified regarding the novel ransomware attack that has swept the world in recent days – known as

HD streaming coming to DStv Now

DStv will soon begin offering live streaming channels in high definition and is even mulling the possibility of offering its DStv Now streaming product as a standalone offering in future, the head of digital media at MultiChoice

SAA board wants Vodacom boss for new CEO

South African Airways has identified Vodacom Group executive Vuyani Jarana as the leading candidate to become the struggling state-owned carrier’s first permanent CEO since November 2015, according to three people familiar with

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