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Songstress Taylor Swift, 25, and U2 frontman Bono, 54, have very different views of the streaming music phenomenon that is upending the music industry’s business model. Late last year, Swift pulled her songs

On 9 September, U2 released their new album, Songs of Innocence, but not quite in the normal style: they are offering it as a free download to all 500m iTunes users. Lead singer Bono described the release as “kind of mind blowing”. He said: “The most personal album we’ve

Just as with all the earlier versions of the iPhone, rumours abound about what Apple will announce this week in relation to iPhone 6 – new screens, different sizes, powerful chips, faster processing and an exciting new add-on device – the iWatch. The new product line-up will be launched

Cloud storage powerhouse Dropbox revealed on Monday that half of the popular rock band U2, Bono and The Edge, are investors in the company. Dropbox closed a jaw-dropping US$250m round in October 2011, so it appears Bono and The Edge were part of that round that also included names like Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital