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Nintendo Switch review: Wii again?

With the recent launch of Nintendo’s latest, next-generation gaming console the Japanese company has made some pretty bold moves. When directly compared to the most recent PlayStation and Xbox models, the Switch doesn’t excel in terms

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Sony Xperia XZ review: more of the same

The new 5,2-inch Sony Xperia XZ (R12 999) is the high-end successor to last year’s 5,2-inch Z5, while the 4,6-inch Xperia X Compact (R10 999) is the 2016 update to the similarly sized Z5 Compact. In contrast to the entry-level Xperia XA

Gadgets & Reviews

Sony Xperia XA review: mixed bag

The 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona proved to be the ideal stage for smartphone makers to introduce a slew of new products. Sony was among them, presenting its new Xperia X range of next-generation smartphones, with

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Samsung Gear 360 review: double vision

The digital camera industry has been at a relative standstill when compared to most sub-domains within the tech industry. Both dedicated cameras, as well as those embedded in mobile devices, have been steadily upgraded with more

Gadgets & Reviews

Lumia 950 and 950 XL review: flawless flagships?

Anyone who measures the success of a company by the sheer number of innovations that have been copied by competitors can only conclude that the Lumia series, once owned by Nokia and currently in the hands of Microsoft, has been an enormous hit. For instance, the


Just Cause 3 review: appetite for destruction

In Just Cause 3, you step into the shoes of Mexican roughneck Rico Rodriguez once more. Despite his nationality, he grew up in the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici, which is now being ruled

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